The North Atlantic Hockey Association will be making its debut in 2016!

Level A Elite Men’s Hockey League  

Elite Players

15+ Games

All-Star Games

 “The NAHA was created for the elite players who want to continue to play hockey at a higher level. “

NAHA Hockey

All NAHA teams will be outfitted in professional quality uniforms from head-to-toe with a strictly enforced uniform code. (Jerseys, Socks will be provided: Teams are required to wear matching Black Pants, Gloves, Helmets)

Teams may carry a full 20-man roster.

Leading scorer on each team will wear “Golden” NAHA Helmet

Plans include a 15-game schedule, followed by playoffs and a championship Game, as well as an All-Star Game.

The North Atlantic Hockey Association is run by the same team that organizes and created
the New England Football League, now in its 21st year.